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We go to your home with our state of the art 360 cameras and capture every angle of your house and produce a virtual experience of your property. With the use of special goggles, potential buyers will feel as if they’re in your home.


We connect you to our network of top realtors in Scottsdale and give you FREE access to the virtual reality experience of your home for your listing.


We send Spheriviewviewers to potential buyers personalized with your property’s information.


With the use of our virtual experiences, buyers can visit your home as many times as they want without having to be there in person. After garnering interest, we take the buyer to your home where we close the sale.


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Augmented Realty Group VR Experiences for Realtors

We also offer our virtual reality services to realtors for a lower price than any professional photographer

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Buyer's spend up to 10x more time on listings with VR experiences.

Experience From Anywhere, at Any Time

Having a VR Experience opens the door for people across the country to have an immersive experience of your property at their convenience.


Because our maps are elaborated in-house, AR Group is your most affordable option for VR experiences.

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